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7 July 2013

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8 PM
9 January 2011

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Use Other Door
30 October 2012

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27 September 2012

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Flowers in High Contrast
23 February 2012

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Writing on the Wall

omid on Writing on the Wall
very nice shot! such beautful frame, colors & textures!

Shaahin Bahremand on Writing on the Wall
perfect shot nicely done

L'Angevine on Cleat and Tape
oh superbe avec ces rubans en bas

L'Angevine on Cable Missing
superbe ,j'y vois comme des yeux et une bouche en bas

Shaahin Bahremand on Cable Missing
beautifully done

L'Angevine on Caution
oh excellent come des plaies qu'on recouvre avec des pansements

tataze on Cable Missing
Very nice photo

Maxine on Caution
This timber bite! well seen.

beach on Caution
love the lines of orange

L'Angevine on Metal Door
superbe cette pigmentation

Josep on Autumn in Empire, Michigan
Superb compo and lovely autumn colors.

Josep on Hot Earth
Wooow ! Stunning visual effect with an extraordinary perspective. B&W is a hit here.

L'Angevine on Hot Earth
génial avec cette partie bassse comme si les autres bâtiments allaient aussi s'effondrer

Ralph Jones on Hot Earth
I love this, it threw me for a loop as I used to live in the Park Sheldon (1207) and I'm looking at thinking ...

franz on Hot Earth
wow, this is fantasitc! like a filmset from an apocalyptic movie ...

L'Angevine on Red Straws
trop bien

Marie on Red Straws
joli !

beach on Red Straws
wow. love this

PascalXLD on Red Straws
Très sympa ce monochrome graphique Bonne journée

L'Angevine on Do Androids Dream of Green Blobs?
Oh magnifique

Atreyee on Do Androids Dream of Green Blobs?
great composition

Ralph Jones on Do Androids Dream of Green Blobs?
Sure they do! Love the title and fortran card

L'Angevine on Far Shore, Deer Lake

tataze on Far Shore, Deer Lake
beautiful black and white

ilona on Time for Reflection
Just amazing what you capture. I could sure live here.

ilona on Far Shore, Deer Lake
Beautiful, Dave :)

Erik SVEN on Far Shore, Deer Lake
I like the strong contrast between the textures of the wood and of the water. Personally, I'm not entirely sure ...

Atreyee on Far Shore, Deer Lake
lovely shot. well done

L'Angevine on Footprints on the Beach
oh superbe

Moridi on Far Shore, Deer Lake
Very nice B & W shot. Superb.

Shaahin Bahremand on Far Shore, Deer Lake
nicely done

beach on Footprints on the Beach

L'Angevine on Autumn in Empire, Michigan

Akbar&Armaghan on Autumn in Empire, Michigan

Francisco Romero on Autumn in Empire, Michigan

tataze on Autumn in Empire, Michigan
Beau ciel bleu à travers ce feuillage doré.

Moridi on Autumn in Empire, Michigan
Beautiful shot. Superb.

L'Angevine on Nature's Mirror

PascalXLD on Autumn in Empire, Michigan
Superbes couleurs automnales Bonne journée

DarkElf on Nature's Mirror
superb! stunning range of colours multiplied further through the reflections! fantastic shot!

beach on Nature's Mirror
excellent reflections

L'Angevine on End of the Season

DarkElf on End of the Season
fine composition with great light and beautiful colours of the Fall!

Paleblue Photography on End of the Season
Beautiful fall image and reflections.

L'Angevine on Time for Reflection

PascalXLD on End of the Season
Superbe reflet automnale Bonne journée

Moridi on Time for Reflection
Wonderful shot.

Shaahin Bahremand on Time for Reflection
excellent shot

tataze on Time for Reflection
Beautiful colors and reflection

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