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7 July 2013

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8 PM
9 January 2011

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Use Other Door
30 October 2012

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27 September 2012

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Flowers in High Contrast
23 February 2012

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Hosta in Bloom

Moridi on Hosta in Bloom
Very nice. Superb.

L'Angevine on Hidden Pest

L'Angevine on Red Streak
génial ces couleurs

L'Angevine on Triumph of the Roots

Shaahin Bahremand on Triumph of the Roots
nice shot

L'Angevine on Layered Leaves

Moridi on Layered Leaves
Very nice. Superb.

L'Angevine on Veins

PascalXLD on Layered Leaves
Superbe textuer et couleurs Bonne journée

L'Angevine on Succulent
ah c'est bien aussi en N&B

Moridi on Succulent
Very nice. Superb.

Baldwin Vandewalle on Succulent
I much prefer this version ... the contrasts and details are fabulous !!! Excellent monochrome ...

L'angevine on Hosta in the Morning

Ralph Jones on Succulent
Excellent series Dave.

Shaahin Bahremand on Succulent
perfect details

Tomix on Succulent

L'Angevine on Oblique Angle

Moridi on Hosta in the Morning
Very nice. Superb.

PascalXLD on Hosta in the Morning
C'est très joli Bonne journée

forgingahead on Indian Pipe (Monotropa Uniflora)
Indian Pipe is one of my favorite discoveries...great shot

forgingahead on Oblique Angle
Very nice!

L'Angevine on Water Collects Into Drops
superbe ces gouttes dont certaines ont la forme de feuilles

Moridi on Water Collects Into Drops
Wonderful shot.

L'Angevine on Indian Pipe (Monotropa Uniflora)

PascalXLD on Water Collects Into Drops
J'aime beaucoup Bonne journée

Shaahin Bahremand on Indian Pipe (Monotropa Uniflora)
perfect shot 5*

L'Angevine on Water Lily Reflections

PascalXLD on Indian Pipe (Monotropa Uniflora)
Joliment saisi Bonne journée

L'Angevine on Meadow Sweet (Spirea Latifolia)

L'Angevine on Forest Shadows at Midday

forgingahead on Forest Shadows at Midday
Nice plat of bright color and shadow

Moridi on Forest Shadows at Midday
Very nice. Superb.

L'angevine on Forest Bracken

PascalXLD on Forest Shadows at Midday
Superbe jeu d'ombres et lumière Bonne journée

forgingahead on Forest Bracken
I have just spent some time looking around your portfolio. I'm impressed. I have been photoblogging for years but ...

omid on Old Town Iron and Clay, Chicago
wooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful cmposition, colors & lighting! Lovely !!!!

L'Angevine on One Way
eh oui je suis le seul chemin vers la vendée!!!!lol

L'Angevine on Color Through the Tags
oh que j'adore et ça fait penser à un de es clichés mais avec plus de couleurs

Moridi on Color Through the Tags
Superb. well done.

Le Krop on Color Through the Tags
Un joli tableau abstrait.

L'Angevine on Under the El, Chicago
oh superbe ce tag et déchirure de la texture

Moridi on Under the El, Chicago
An interesting shot. Superb.

L'Angevine on Street Cafe
oh superbe comme si c'était des champignons

Dimitrios on Street Cafe
VERY GOOD mashrums, lol

L'Angevine on Portal
oh génial

L'Angevine on Red Door

L'Angevine on Carved Door Detail, Old Town, Chicago
intéressant graphisme

Dimitrios on Carved Door Detail, Old Town, Chicago
well done*

L'Angevine on Morning Light, Old Town Chicago

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