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7 July 2013

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8 PM
9 January 2011

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Use Other Door
30 October 2012

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27 September 2012

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Flowers in High Contrast
23 February 2012

Recent Comments

Jill on Tagged Bricks
absolutely love this. You've such an eye for photography.

L'angevine on Upward Mobility
bon travail sur ce cadrage

Ben on Upward Mobility
Plusieurs interprétations possibles pour moi: La déchéance des USA, la renaissance, l'espoir. ...

Basile Pesso on Door Number Three
I love that.

Shiva on Door Number Three
A great presentation of a sad situation !! - Regards Monika

Ralph Jones on Door Number Three
Beautiful B&W

L'angevine on Number 2
j'aime cette composition avec ces textures et surtout ce bois bancal qui avec ce nombre 2 me fait penser aux deux ...

Harry on Number 2
Wonderful texture.

Adela Fonts on Number 2
Stunning! I love it! Best, Adela

Basile Pesso on Number 2
I love that. Wonderful graphics especially with the number, and composition.

L'angevine on Screen and Grate
j'aime ces divers sens de lignes

L'angevine on Street Portrait
j'aime ce dessin à la craie dans cette rouille

Adela Fonts on Street Portrait
Stunning! i love it! Adela

Basile Pesso on Street Portrait
Superb and funny !

L'angevine on Torn
on se déchire au mouvement en dansant...j'aime aussi la diagonale

PascalXLD on Street Portrait
Beau coup d'oeil Bonne journée

Adela Fonts on Torn
The dancer! Precious gift of chance! Best regards, Adela

Le Krop on Torn
Quelle belle femme dansante.

Basile Pesso on Torn
Masterpiece. For people who can't manage to enter abstraction, my comment of yesterday compared to the one of ...

L'angevine on Ideogram
j'aime ce style de cliché avec ce plus du rond,bravo

Basile Pesso on Ideogram
I like. The circle adds something.

L'angevine on Steam Vent
d'intéressantes textures sous des formes géométriques

Basile Pesso on Steam Vent
Brilliant. I love how the tree is stuck to this stuff.

Adela Fonts on Member of the Wedding
Stunning! I love it!

Basile Pesso on Ice Along the Stream
Absolutely brilliant. Nice to see you back.

Adela Fonts on Ice Along the Stream
Stunning! I love it!

Ralph Jones on Ice Along the Stream
Lovely detail, we may have ice for a subject well into April...

Adela Fonts on Winter Reflection
feel the cold in my bones! Gorgeous picture dear friend!

Nicou on Winter Reflection
très beua reflet de ce buisson avec la neige sueprbe. amitié

Nicou on Clouds Over the Shore
Au dessus des nuages quelle vue di ciel sueprbe compo. amitié

Basile Pesso on Clouds Over the Shore
Stunning indeed, again.

Adela Fonts on Lake Erie, Frozen Shore: Five Miles High
Exciting image from the sky! I love doing photography from a plane!

Adela Fonts on Town and Fields, Ohio: Five Miles High
Awesome... I love it!

Adela Fonts on Clouds Over the Shore
Stunning! Ilove it!

Ralph Jones on Clouds Over the Shore
Is that Fermi 2? Love this series.

Moridi on Town and Fields, Ohio: Five Miles High
Very good capture. Superb.

Ralph Jones on Town and Fields, Ohio: Five Miles High

Basile Pesso on Lake Erie, Frozen Shore: Five Miles High
Divine picture !

Ralph Jones on Lake Erie, Frozen Shore: Five Miles High
Outstanding detail in this. By far my favorite of the day.

L'angevine on Chromatic Window
oh génial ces couleurs

Basile Pesso on Chromatic Window
Lovely composition...

L'angevine on Tagged Bricks
j'aime bien ces couleurs aussi

Nazzareno on Chromatic Window
Very beautiful coposition. The lighting is just perfect

Moridi on Chromatic Window
Very good capture. Superb.

Adela Fonts on Tagged Bricks
Excellent! I love it!

L'angevine on Overspray
j'aime le cadrage et les couleurs

Lynn Herrick on Overspray

Adela Fonts on Overspray
Excellent! I love it!

Elaine Hancock on Overspray
Beautiful image! I really like the color and the rust on the iron work. Makes a very artistic composition.

Harry on Window and Bucket
Fine slice of urban decay. A tighter or looser framing (either excluding the scraps of graffiti or including enough to ...

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